Peer Review Process

  1. Articles from the author's manuscript are uploaded online to the ARJI Journal
  2. Manuscripts will be examined and selected by the editorial board in terms of focus and scope, predetermined article templates (listed on the front page of the journal) and text plagiarism with no more than 30% similarity.
  3. Manuscripts that meet the criteria in terms of focus and scope, template suitability, and plagiarism checking of not more than 30% will be sent to reviewers for review in terms of content.
  4. The combined contents are introduction, research methodology, results and discussion, conclusions and bibliography. Reviewers will review it from a scientific point of view, renewal, and the benefits of research.
  5. The review process is carried out by the reviewer in several stages to achieve the expected content of the writing.
  6. The editor will make the final decision regarding the text that has been reviewed by the reviewer whether it can be published or not.
  7. If the editor has decided that the manuscript is accepted, then the editor will ask for the author's approval to publish it in the ARJI  journal
  8. The author creates an account by filling in the identity as requested.