Focus and Scope

The focus of the study in this ARJI journal is on the theme of education both on a national and international scale. The scope of land includes formal, informal and non-formal education at the low, middle and high levels of education. The theme is as follows:

  1. Advanced Education and Learning;
  2. Challenging Education and Learning;
  3. Character Education and Learning;
  4. Distinctive Education and Learning;
  5. Education Management Inovations;
  6. Enterpreneurship Education and Learning;
  7. Innovative Learning Design;
  8. Learning Methods on Teaching Values;
  9. Literacy of Education, Sains, Learning Technology;
  10. Political Legacies and Critical Education;
  11. Professional Development Teaching;
  12. Progressive Education and Learning; and
  13. Other Issues Innovations Education from an Excellent International Educational.